The Declaration of Tamkang School of Strategic Studies

          Founded in 1982, the Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies at Tamkang University had evolved from the first phase of adhering to heritage (1982-1990) to the subsequent phase of broadening and diversifying (1990-2009). Since 2010, the Institute has been in the phase of innovation, striving for the prospect of creating a Tamkang School of Strategic Studies.

Through pragmatic teaching and research, the Tamkang School of Strategic Studies is designed to engage with the most important strategic issues Taiwan has encountered. To date, the Institute has achieved significant research results on war and peace, conflict and cooperation, globalization and localization, and so forth. Moreover, the Institute stresses interdisciplinary cooperation and alternative developments, incorporating Chinese and Western approaches, bridging the past and the present, integrating civil and military dimensions, and applying both qualitative and quantitative analyses.

The School will move on to promoting teamwork and intellectual exchange among scholars, pursuing the harmonization of core and elective curricula, and facilitating extensive and productive research. Synergistic scholarship is the alpha and omega of the School’s vision. With this declaration, we inaugurate the Institute’s new phase of global recognition.